Maine Coon Cat Facts  The Maine Coon Cat is known for its large size, easygoing temperament, and rugged appearance.   Maine Coon Catís are also known as the "gentle giant" of the cat family.  Maine Coon Females typically weigh 9-14 pounds.  Maine Coon Males weigh 13-19 pounds with some males exceeding 20 pounds.  Weight ranges do not count if  your Maine Coon is carrying around a few extra love handles.  Luckily, the Maine Coon Cat does not tend to be overweight when fed a high quality, high protein, lower carb cat food.  A Maine Coon's long hair does not need much grooming. A twice weekly combing is usually all that is required to keep the fur in top condition.  The Maine Coon is America's only native long-haired cat, well suited to withstand the harsh New England climate. We recommend that all Maine Coons be kept indoors, however they may love your screened in porch in the middle of winter! Home Males Females Kittens Health Retired Maine Coon Top Ten   My Top Ten Favorite Things about Maine Coons  10. They are amusing home bug exterminators.  9. They are larger than most celebrities' dogs.  8. Their long thick fur makes an excellent hand warmer on cold winter nights.  7. Amazing motor boat impersonations (purrrrrrr).  6. They love water like a labrador.  5. Available in a rainbow of colors  4. They trill.  3. Unlike some breeds, they come when called and want to be on you, around you, over you, under you...  2. They are the perfect bathroom companions- sink, shower and more.  1. EAR TUFTS!!
News Beautiful 6 month old male Icoons Google Chrome April 9, 2012 - GC Icoons Rovio’s First Litter. We are proud to announce the arrive of the first litter of Maine Coon kittens out of our home bred Grand Champion Icoons Rovio and our girl, CH Icoons Twitter.  They have 6 beautiful flashy kittens.  Two are Black and White males, one Red with White male, a Calico female, and two beautiful Brown Patch tabbies with white.  They are outstanding!!! March 3, 2012 - Pearl and GoDaddy have had a wonderful healthy litter of 5 kittens,  They are Brown Tabbies and one Red with Whte tabby.  So big, healthy and sweet!!! February 3, 2012 -Another beautiful litter of 6 Maine Coon kittens from CH Icoons Dreamworks and CH Icoons GoDaddy.  These kittens are so healthy and beautiful and big!  GoDaddy is such a sweet sire and Dreamworks is an amazing momma kitty.  Here at Icoons Maine Coons we are so blessed! I love have kittens in our home. January 8th, 2012 -  GC Icoons Rovio.  Our beautiful Brown CLassic Tabby with White male Maine Coon out of CH Icoons Angelfire and CH Br’er Coon Tanker Ray was awarded his CFA Grand CHampion status in just two shows!!!  He is a huge boy and we expect some amazing kitten out of him.  November 28, 2011 - Angel and Tank have had the most amazing litter of EIGHT Maine Coon Kittens.  One is a Black and WHite female that will be going to our friends at Big Meow Maine Coons and a beautiful Brown Patch with lots of White female that will be going to Br’er Coon Maine Coons.  This is hte same breeding that produced our stunning show male Icoons Rovio! November 16, 2011 - iKitty and Tank have had a very striking litter of two maine coon kittens.  The are big, affectionate and so sweet! May 5, 2011 - Misti and Tank have had a lovely litter of 5 healthy kittens, including one huge cream male Maine Coon.  These babies definitely follow after their parents and are truly TANKS! May 3, 2011 - iKitty and Phoenix have had a litter of 4 beautiful red kittens, 3 males and a female.  Their red color is outstanding! March 30, 2011 - Harriet Potter nad Phoenix have had their final litter of SEVEN Maine Coon kittens.  She has 3 creams, 3 reds and a blue!  The are all beautiful and healthy.  Harriet will now be retired and get to spend the days leaisure ruling the roost in our home! March 23, 2011 - Twitter and Tanker Ray of Br’er Coons cattery has a rainbow litter of 4 Blue kittens and a Red with White kitten.  The solid Blue female Maine Coon kitten will be going to our friend Ginger at Br’er Coon Maine Coons to be a show girl and eventual breeding female August 25, 2010 - Icoons Twitter had her first beautiful litter of Maine Coon kittens with Barcode as the sire. Expect amazing things out of this litter of Brown Patch girls and Brown Tabby boys! July 9, 2010 - After a very long stay in the hospital Icoons Cats welcomed our 6th human child into our family, Jacob Foster, please bear with us as we come home and get settled. June 20, 2010 - IKitty had her long awaited first litter of Maine Coon kittens- pictures to come in the next several weeks!! March 19-21, 2010 - Misty had her second litter, and Harriet had her SIXTH litter!! May 3, 2009 - Dreamweaver has had her second litter with Phoenix and has blessed us with a stunning Red Classic Tabby with white female kitten. Look for photos soon! April 29, 2009 - We have had a very successful show day with our new male Y1Kat Barcode of Icoons. He was the highest scoring Maine Coon kitten in show against a class of 20 beautifull Maine Coon Kittens and was called back to several finals receiving his highest award yet of 3rd best overall kitten in show. April 22, 2009 - Both Y1Kat Barcode of Icoons and Icoons Dreamworks had a fabulous show day! Dreamworks was the highest overall scoring Maine Coon Kitten in the show and Barcode was only 2 points behind her as the second highest scoring Maine Coon kitten! We expect to see many more exciting things from these kittens! April 9, 2009 -We have been blessed with our first litter out of our gorgeous female Alicoons Sea Mist of Icoons. She has had 5 healthy kittens out of our male CH Cabincoon Phoenix of Icoons. Photos coming soon on our kitten page. Late February 2009 - Y1Kat Bar Code of ICOONS joins us as our new show male. He is just a baby at 4 months old and already received a final at his first ever show receiving 5th Best Long Hair Kitten in Show at the Columbia SC CFA show. He was competing against 14 other beautiful Maine Coon kittens, plus a host of other beautiful long hair breeds and was the youngest in the bunch! February 22, 2009 - CFA CH Cabincoon Phoenix of ICOONS and CFA CH Br'er Coon Harrit Potter announce their newest litter of 3 beautiful kittens. February 2009 - Irishcoons IKitty of ICOONS joins us as our newest show female. She is a gorgeous Mackerel Brown Patch Classic Tabby with White. Keep and eye out for her as the judges have finaled her at both shows she has attended. She received Best Long Hair Kitten in Show at the Colubmbia, SC CFA show. She was competing against 14 other beautiful Maine Coon kittens, plus a host of other beautiful long hair breeds and was considered the very best kitten at the show! We are so pleased and excited to show her and add her to our expanding breeding program. December 2008 - Alicoons Sea Mist of ICOONS and ICOONS FireFox both received winners ribbons and are our newest CFA Champions! July 2008 - Alicoons Sea Mist of ICOONS joins our program as our next show and breeding female. Keep an eye out for show dates and results on this beautiful girl! July 2008 - CH Br'er Coon Fire and Ice of Y1KAT joins our breeding program as a co- ownership with Judy Lindeman from Y1KAT. She is our first Silver Patch and our first Mackerel Tabby. We are excited about the rainbow she will add to our program! May 2008 - CH Br'er Coon Ketchup of ICOONS delivers her first litter of 5 kittens sired by CH Cabincoon Phoenix of ICOONS April 2008 - Cabincoon Dreamweaver of ICOONS receives all six winners ribbons at the Sanford FL show and is now our new CFA Champion February 2008 - CH Harriet Potter delivers her second litter of 5 kittens sired by CH Cabincoon Phoenix of ICOONS January 2008 - Br'er Coon Ketchup of ICOONS and Cabincoon Phoenix of ICOONS both receive all six winners ribbons and achieve CFA Champion status December 2007 - Cabincoon Phoenix of ICOONS joins the ICOONS cattery as our first breeding male and Cabincoon Dreamweaver of ICOONS joins the ICOONS cattery as our next beautiful show and breeding female October 2007 –CH Harriet Potter delivers her first litter of 3 beautiful kittens sired by Cabincoon Phoenix August 2007 – Br’er Coon Ketchup joins the Icoons cattery as our next beautiful show and breeding female January 2007 – Harriet Potter gets all six winners ribbons and her Championship title at her first show as an adult at The Greater Jacksonville CFA cat show in Jacksonville, FL December 2006 – Harriet Potter wins Best of Breed and 3rd best Longhair kitten at the Show and Tell cat show in Bellton, TX November 2006 – Harriet Potter wins 2nd Best of Breed and 5th best agility at the International Cat Show in San Mateo, CA October 2006 - Harriet Potter wins Best of Breed and 6th best All-Breed kitten at the Domesti-Katz show in Palm Bay, Florida
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